Higher Self: Garden

The Garden represents the state of Prolonged Presence, where the fruits of Right Effort are enjoyed.

The Koran: The Garden will be the place of rest for the one who has restrained the lower self from passion.

Theodoros the Great Ascetic, The Philokalia: A pure soul can truly be called...‘an enclosed garden’.

Mahabharata (Hindu text) : And Arjuna beheld celestial gardens—the favorite resort of the celestial damsels. It was a region for the virtuous alone, and not for those who had turned their back on the field of battle.

The Garden of Paradise, by Hans Christian Anderson: A strong marble bridge, led across the water to he Island of the Blessed, where the Garden of Paradise bloomed.

Thalassios the Libyan: Just as the gardener who does not weed his garden chokes his vegetables, the intellect that does not purify its thoughts is wasting its efforts.

Muhammad: Go to your interior gardens and stroll there.

Houris in Paradise, Persian manuscript
(15th c.Miraj Nameh)

Adam and Eve in an enclosed garden
(15th c. French manuscript)