Higher Self: Sun

The Sun provides light. After the sun sets, darkness prevails. Similarly, Presence provides an Inner Light through which we can know our True Self. Without it, one lives in the dark state of sleeping consciousness without Self awareness. The Egyptian Sun God Ra, represents the state of Prolonged Presence. His Sun disk became the halo for the Christians and Buddhists; in Buddhist statues, it also appears as a circle of flame.

Ruzbehan Baqli (12th c. Sufi mystic and poet) : The sweetness of spiritual practice is like that of the dawn, while that of witnessing is like that of the sun.

Egyptian text: A spell of worshipping Ra when he rises in the horizon until the occurrence of his setting in life: I have come to you and I am with you in order to see your disk every day ... I have joined myself to the land of everlasting, and it is you who commanded it for me, O my lord.

Maximos the Confessor, Philokalia (Greek Orthodox Christian text) : Blessed is he who keeps the Sun of righteousness from setting in himself throughout the whole day of this present life.

Kojiki (Shinto text) : When Amaterasu had come forth (from the cave), both the Plain of High Heaven and the Central-Land-of-Reed-Plains of course again became light.

Bhagavad-Gita (Hindu text): When the light of the Atman drives out our darkness, that light shines forth from us, a sun in splendor.

Osiris with sun disk supported by
Isis and Nephthys
(wall painting from the tomb
of Nefertari, ca 1250 BC.)

Heavenly Guardian (13th C, Japan

Buddha (Gandara, 2nd~3rd C.
Tokyo national museum)